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What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI?

Posted by VDI Expert on Sep 6, 2016 9:27:05 AM

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI is, at its most basic definition,  accessing a centrally managed desktop from a remote session. Sometimes it has been defined as server-based computing.


Ask a user what it is and they may say it is what allows them to choose how they work best, by providing access to systems and files anywhere they want to work, as long as they have an internet connection.

 Ask an IT professional what it is and they may say it is what gives them more control and security over user behaviors and speeds up updates.


Ask a CEO or CFO what it is and they may say it reduces their total cost of ownership of their computers, it creates efficiencies and increases employee satisfaction and it allows them to have greater security over company data and intellectual property.




Ultimately, VDI provides for centralized control, ease of rollouts, the ability to leverage thin clients over desktops (which have a longer life due to their lack of moving parts) and greater security when done right.


Those last three words are probably the most important…When. Done. Right.


In a global workforce with more businesses needing to have workers remote, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a central delivery architecture that is device-neutral, has native application compatibility and complements a "bring your own device" (BYOD) or "bring your own PC" environment, in addition to those whose device is supplied by the company.


VDI, like anything else, must be planned and implemented with the user experience in mind, as it has multiple features that can be enabled or disabled based on your needs.


One thing of note is that the VDI of today is not the VDI of yesterday. If you tried VDI before and it wasn't a fit, it may be time to re-examine.


VDI  reduces complexity and improves scalability. There are more features than ever before, graphics have been improved, there are more management and monitoring capabilities and performance is impressive.


As more and more companies move their infrastructure to the cloud and launch hyperconverged platforms, VDI is a compelling option for many.


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