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Going for the Gold (image, that is)

Posted by VDI Expert on Sep 6, 2016 10:54:06 AM

The Olympics just wrapped up in Rio and the U.S. went all out for Gold with amazing results in swimming and women's gymnastics, to name a few. Our athletes didn't get there by accident. They planned, visualized, prepared and, finally, executed.

gold_medal.jpgPlanning, visualization and preparation is necessary when preparing for a virtual desktop infrastructure, too. One of the problems we find all too often is that, when a company didn't spend enough time optimizing the Gold Image, there are issues or dissatisfaction with the implementation.

A VDI implementation impacts the daily lives of the majority of people throughout your organization. There is no room for error.

Optimization of the desktop image, gold image or Standard Operating Environment (SOE), as it is sometimes called, is a key step in implementing a VDI solution.

This step is sometimes skipped due to the bad habits we have aquired from working on too many physical desktops where the resources aren't shared. In a VDI environment, resources are shared and, therefore, the gold image is extremely important to the user experience.

What does optimizing the gold image mean? Well, it depends on what your organization needs, but it can include*:

  • Disabling unused Windows services
  • Streamlining the Windows user experience
  • Ensuring the optimal virtual hardware is selected
  • Not over-optimizing and disabling services that users or applications need or expect

This is where it is important to involve a partner who has completed numerous roll-outs and can assist you with involving your users appropriately to determine the impact of any optimization on your organization.

With nearly 20 years of experience and thousands of user experiences in VDI roll-outs, UltraLevel is unmatched when it comes to discussing options with companies on how to best handle the new challenges they face in the digital workplace.

Want to learn more? Email us at VDIExpert@UltraLevel.com for a discussion on what your organization's options include.


*Source: Eight Common Pitfalls of VDI and How to Avoid them from VMWare


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