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Advancements in VDI

Posted by VDI Expert on Sep 7, 2016 11:57:24 AM

Review of VDI

Before we share the latest advancements for the technology of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) we must review what it is. In one of our previous blogs on “Understanding Virtualization and How It Relates To Cloud Technology” we addressed the topic of virtualization.

Virtualization creates a virtual—rather than physical—version of a computer operating system, computer network resource, or storage device. For instance, with your computer, you can create a virtual machine that behaves like a separate physical computer. In this case, your virtual machine co-exists on the same computer as your regular operating system. With virtualization, you are using software to transform one physical computer into a more useful group of virtual computers.”

The main benefits of implementing VDI in a business setting are the centralized control, increased security, power of sharing, and reduction in costs. You may be asking if it has so many benefits why hasn’t every business adopted VDI?

lights_moving_for_advancements.jpgWell, VDI has required growth and innovation over time. VDI has had stages and significant advancements over the years. VDI has overcome a lot and is now even more relevant to the business world than ever before. Just because you tried VDI before, doesn't mean you shouldn't reexamine it again.  (Learn more at our other recent blog on What is VDI? Here.)

The Early Stages- VDI Stumbling Blocks

The idea of having a centrally controlled desktop experience for everyone sounded great at first but the early history of VDI was faced with certain glaring issues businesses and users struggled with, including:

  • High storage costs to make VDI viable and available to every employee
  • Low performance for graphics intensive work
  • Applications and programs running poorly in the virtual ecosystem

The Game-Changing Breakthroughs for VDI

Businesses are now pleasantly surprised that the same stumbling blocks that once held VDI back and were a major source of user complaints are now a non-issue. Here are some highlights of improvements:

Advancements in storage technologies- Before to offer users their own unique desktop disk image was very expensive (approximately $660 per employee). However, now with improved and more efficient storage technologies like “block-level deduplication” VDI can offer fully persistent disk images at a fraction of the price per user. What does this mean in simple language, or what is the bottom line? Computer Weekly states, “This means you can design and manage your VDI desktops in the same way you’ve been designing your traditional desktops for the past two decades. In other words, you can design VDI in a way that actually works in your environment.

GPU support for VDI- Led by Nvidia with their Grid technology VDI now has the capability of having full GPU support like a traditional desktop. Having full graphics capabilities means that users of VDI can now do everything in their virtualized desktops that they could on a traditional desktop. Advances in VDI graphical performance mean even the heaviest workloads such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and video editing perform just fine with VDI environments.

Businesses have been asking themselves:

  • Is VDI really viable and ready?
  • Will the claimed benefits of VDI be true and beneficial?
  • Is it the time to switch to VDI?

UltraLevel has assisted numerous clients with end to end virtualization and VDI when it fit their situation. We believe while VDI is a great solution for certain business it isn’t always right for everyone. That’s why we meet to discuss your needs and goals to find the right solution for you. If you're interested in learning more or discussing the options available, please contact us. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and virtualization technology, as a whole, has made major advancements that can change the way you do business and provide you with an extra level of convenience and security.  

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