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A 1400x Loss on Investment

Posted by VDI Expert on Sep 26, 2016 11:31:42 AM

The Reality of Theft & Data Breaches

Data breaches cost companies $6.2 billion each year. The amount is staggering and it can start with the loss of just one laptop or mobile device. It’s true there has been a rise in cyber threats and hacking, but what about old fashioned physical theft?

According to PCWorld and stolen laptops,  “It’s a lot easier to steal a laptop than it is to hack into a corporate database, so the theft and loss of laptops, as well as desktops and flash drives, highlight the need for enhanced physical security and employee training.”

Furthermore, a growing trend in business is the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work options. In fact, Gartner anticipates by 2017 half of all employees will have need for a BYOD policy. Having personal devices mixed with corporate devices raises the risk if these personal devices are lost or stolen containing sensitive information.

Don’t think the threat is real? Check out these statistics from the Ponemon Institute: a new study revealed up to 12,000 laptop computers are lost weekly and up to 600,000 lost annually at U.S. airports. Next, the study also revealed 53% of surveyed mobile professionals carry confidential company information, 65% of those who carry it don’t take steps to protect It.


What's The Cost of Simply Losing a Laptop?

The Ponemon Institute teamed up with Intel to conduct a fascinating and startling study called, The Cost of a Lost Laptop. An increasingly mobile workforce is raising the risk of companies’ sensitive information being in jeopardy. With each lost or stolen laptop there is the risk that sensitive data about customers, employees and business operations will end up in the wrong hands. The report serves as a benchmark study to determine the total cost associated with a lost or stolen laptop. Check out this infographic we created that captures the key details of the report:


As you can see, a simple $700 laptop that is lost is actually much more expensive once you consider the nature of the information contained on the laptop. The more sensitive and valuable the information is equates to larger damages. In fact, laptops stolen that breach HIPPA or other industry specific regulations can cause the cost to raise by six times.

Knowing our litigious society, that number can grow into the millions; but if we are conservative and just say it reaches $1,000,000 that is more than a 1400 times loss on the initial cost of the $700 laptop.


The VDI Solution

One key security benefit to implementing VDI is having no data physically on the laptop. This means if devices are lost or stolen, you’re protected against sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. This also means that the laptops stolen or lost will be less costly to replace.

Depending on your security concerns and business goals, VDI may be a solution for you. If you want to learn more, contact UltraLevel and we would love to discuss your goals and objectives to find out what the right solution is for you.

At UltraLevel we believe in partnering with you to achieve your goals through technology. Contact us to learn how we can earn your trust to make IT right. 

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